Tuesday, October 12, 2010


These are Flash-animated clips made for the promotion of a new medical lab in Mexico City. It was a fun project, I specially liked the fun and relaxed appearance these clips give this new lab, and they really have some interesting tests.

All animation was made with Flash.

This one was animated by me.

This other one was made in collaboration with my colleague, Lila Martinez.
The character design was made by Juan Carlos López de la Torre.

You can check out all the clips here http://biohominis.com/

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Margarina Primavera

I was very excited about this project when it came to us, mainly because I got to revive a classical character that has been animated for TV commercials since the decade of the 70's! I was thrilled when the project came to the studio and I was in charge of animating the character after almost 10 years of it not going on the air on TV. This commercial is for Margarina Primavera, a butter brand here in Mexico famous for its character of a little girl pulling a red balloon and asking people to give her a bite of whatever they are eating. But as cute and innocent as the girl appears to be, she gives a tremendous bite!

In this last video, the clean-up of the character was made partially by me and the other part by my friend, ex-VFS student and co-founder of our company, Lila Martinez, check out her blog! http://lilacolor.blogspot.com/

It was also commended to me to re-design the character to a more modernized version of it, like the 2010 version, for which I made an unofficial, rough, character re-design.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Proud of the promotion of "The Locket and the Sea"

A couple of weeks ago I was very happy to know my film was featured in One Huge Eye, a character animation webpage and a great source of inspiration by Alex Amelines, which features a wide range of great animated shorts of all techniques. 


"The Locket and the Sea" was also featured in the animation channel Animation Muse on Vimeo, also part of One Huge Eye. 


I was delighted really when Aniboom featured the film on their webpage also and was selected to be featured on their YouTube Channel, getting very good reviews, which I was very proud and happy to read! I thank the people who commented on it and liked it.



In the meantime I'm working on publicity animated spots in my natal Mexico City while polishing my second film, animated in Flash, to release it in a short time.

Friday, May 21, 2010

"El Gran Bang" de Llamarada de Petate

This is an animated short I worked on for the studio Llamarada de Petate in Mexico City. I was in charge of the character animation in some of the scenes, and it really was very fun to make, although the schedule was very very tight. 

Courtesy of Llamarada de Petate.


"El Gran Bang" from Llamarada de Petate on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some art from "The Locket and the Sea"

Here are some samples of the art of my classically animated film. I put together some animation drawings in sequence from some of the scenes along with some of the backgrounds, which were painted traditionally using watercolour and later retouched digitally. I'd love to thank both my friends Shivas Thilak and Jobin Sebastian, also members of CA73 at Vancouver Film School, for their huge guidance and advice in watercolour painting, and I mean huge.

Here are some stills of the film too.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Locket and the Sea (2010)

And finally, after a whole lot of work, here it is.

A soul-searching and challenging journey takes place in The Locket and the Sea. While playing by the seashore, a little girl must muster up her courage to reclaim a most beloved object taken from her unexpectedly by the ocean, although the challenge may not be exactly the dangerous tide of the waves as it seems.

Un introspectivo y desafiante viaje ocurre en The Locket and the Sea. Al jugar en la orilla del mar, una niña debe armarse de valor para reclamar un objeto de mucho valor sentimental que le fue arrebatado por el océano; aunque el verdadero desafío pueden no ser exactamente las peligrosas olas, como parece. 

Direction, Animation, and Digital Ink and Paint by Mariana Villegas Flores
Presented by Vancouver Film School

Official release:   May 1st, 2010 (www.villeguitas-quietlyloud.blogspot.com)
Sneak peek:        April 30th, 2010 (Main Teather VFS, 420 Homer St. Vancouver, B.C., Canada)

My very first and new short film made during my 1-year stay at Vancouver Film School. It was a wonderful dream-fulfilling experience for me, although one of the most challenging ones as well. The film was made in five months, using pencil and paper with traditional 2D animation techniques.

Mi nuevo y primer corto realizado durante mi estancia de un año en Vancouver Film School. Fue una experiencia increíble y muy satisfactoria, aunque también fue uno de los retos más grandes. El corto fue realizado en cinco meses ustilizando papel y lápiz con las técnicas tradicionales de la animación en 2D.

Life Drawing Portfolio // Portafolio de Dibujo Natural