Thursday, September 9, 2010

Margarina Primavera

I was very excited about this project when it came to us, mainly because I got to revive a classical character that has been animated for TV commercials since the decade of the 70's! I was thrilled when the project came to the studio and I was in charge of animating the character after almost 10 years of it not going on the air on TV. This commercial is for Margarina Primavera, a butter brand here in Mexico famous for its character of a little girl pulling a red balloon and asking people to give her a bite of whatever they are eating. But as cute and innocent as the girl appears to be, she gives a tremendous bite!

In this last video, the clean-up of the character was made partially by me and the other part by my friend, ex-VFS student and co-founder of our company, Lila Martinez, check out her blog!

It was also commended to me to re-design the character to a more modernized version of it, like the 2010 version, for which I made an unofficial, rough, character re-design.